Crop Issues Report: Growers say extreme weather conditions will bring shortages of cauliflower, sprouts, white and red cabbage

Heavy rainfall in Lincolnshire as much as 6 inches in a week resulted in flooding and damaging crops which has led to a shortening of supply. Flooding in the UK and record temperature in Europe are factors effecting the crop this time of the year. Large areas in the field where the crops were washed away completely and the land is bare and also the areas where the crops have not grown properly due to the root damage from prolonged standing water in June. June rainfall in our area in 2019 was approximately 160mm compared to less than 5mm in June 2018 and July at 102mm compared to less than 7mm in July 2018.

The soil has also suffered significant compaction which may be attributable to the slow growth of the remaining crops.

There has been approximately 15-20% loss of overall crop at this stage however the overall resulting losses may be higher over the course of the year.

We are monitoring the crops daily for growth of remaining products and will keep you informed of progress.

This is an unprecedented situation for us with so many issues caused by the weather which is of course outside of our control.

If we can provide any additional information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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