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Growth Establishment Landmarks

2002 First established in 2002 by current owner Jason Tanner as a wholesale business based mainly around his years of experience within the fruit industry.


2004 business was expanded to incorporate a vegetable and salad stands on the wholesale market with experienced sales and procurement personal joining the team.


2005 The exotic stand was opened


2007 Due to the hunger and success's premier fruits decided to enter into the food service sector acquiring an at the time small but professional run business within the market delivering in and around London


2009 We opened our own banana stand with purpose built ripening facilities within the market


2010 Due to the rapid growth of the food service business we acquired more space to service our customer’s demands



2012 We opened our prepared business within the market to supply a better-quality product to our food service customers


Other food service companies within and outside of the market soon started ordering of our prepared business due to the quality and service.

 2014 We introduced premier directs a larger scale food service business dedicated to high volume single drop customers over Europe


2015 We opened a food service hub in Brighton to service the demand in the south of the country


2015 We entered into a joint venture opening a frozen produce business within the market to support better service for our food service company


2015 we entered into a joint venture with another company in Rungis for certain specialist products for our UK food service businesses we will be moving our food service business into a purpose built catering block within the market doubling the size of our current building


2017 - 2020


Acquisition of another food service company within Covent garden Market


Transport fleet expanded to over eighty vehicles delivering daily nationwide.


We are looking to open our own high care prepared leaf unit to deliver better quality and bespoke mixes for our customers. A northern hub for the business as requested by national customers. A split ambient / chilled warehouse to incorporate dry goods / dairy / cheeses

About our Locations & Produce

With Multiple locations across the UK we are more equipped to meet supply & demand. Our first rate BRC-accredited stock rotation, replenishment and hygiene procedures ensures impeccable quality control standards.


Our fleet of vehicles

We operate a modern fleet of 80+ temperature-controlled vehicles delivering the width and breadth of the South of England, maintaining the cool chain from our warehouses to your doorstep


Building Relationships

Our direct supply relationships with farms and farming co-operatives in the South East of England enables us to offer 24-hour turnaround on the finest local produce.

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